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Join us on our innovative journey. Together, we drive tech evolution through comprehensive infrastructure modernization, seamless web development, and expert tech migration. Embrace 'The New Way to Innovation' and shape the future with us.

Who We Are

Welcome to RK Software Systems, your trusted partner for comprehensive infrastructure modernization and cutting-edge web solutions. Specializing in analyzing and upgrading client infrastructures, we craft tailored plans to transform and elevate your technological landscape.

Our core expertise revolves around seamlessly transitioning legacy web technologies to the latest .NET frameworks and modern front-end solutions like Angular. We excel in migrating desktop applications to web-based platforms, enhancing accessibility and scalability.

With a proven track record of successful projects, our commitment to delivering top-tier technological solutions remains unwavering. Join us at RK Software Systems for an exceptional journey through digital transformation.

Our Vision

Our vision at RK Software Systems is to pioneer transformative technological advancements, redefining industry standards through innovative infrastructure modernization and cutting-edge web solutions. We aim to be the beacon of evolution, driving seamless transitions from legacy systems to the forefront of technology. With a commitment to excellence, creativity, and client-centric approaches, we envision empowering businesses worldwide by revolutionizing their digital landscapes. Our goal is to be the catalyst for sustainable growth and success in an ever-evolving technological ecosystem.

Our Mission

At RK Software Systems, our mission is to deliver unparalleled infrastructure modernization and web solutions, exceeding client expectations through innovative strategies. We strive to seamlessly upgrade and transform technological landscapes, enabling businesses to thrive in dynamic markets. By leveraging our expertise in legacy system migrations and cutting-edge frameworks, we aim to empower clients with scalable, efficient, and future-ready solutions. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and client satisfaction drives us to be the foremost partner in driving impactful digital transformations worldwide.

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Our History

Founded on a passion for innovation, RK Software Systems has evolved into a leading force, pioneering transformative technology solutions since its inception.


Live Venue Website Completion

Introduced a cutting-edge Live Sports Venue Finder website, offering real-time access to sports venues, enhancing user experiences and expanding accessibility for sports enthusiasts worldwide.


New Office

Successfully transitioned to a new office location in Warsaw, streamlining operations and providing an enhanced workspace that aligns with our company's growth and future endeavors in the heart of Warsaw.

Insurance Web App Start

Developed a comprehensive agents support system for a health insurance companies from the ground up, ensuring seamless implementation and robust functionality to empower their agent network effectively.


Brokerage Web Platform Completion

Efficiently executed the migration of a major brokerage organization's website to a new infrastructure, ensuring seamless transition and enhanced operational performance.



A collective of visionaries united, birthing Company to revolutionize technology with fervor, determination, and shared aspirations.

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